Silver Streak

Silver Streak is a first-generation Suspended Family Coaster.  It features over-the-shoulder restraints (OTSR) on each of the train's 20 seats.  The second-generation of the ride debuted six years later and featured a newly designed train.  Seats on the newer coasters have one lapbar for each seat and eliminated the horse-collar OTSRs.  Another noticeable change is the way the cars are suspended under the track.   The first generation cars like the ones seen here are firmly mounted in place under the wheels, while the second-generation trains have the ability to sway a few inches from side to side.  For example, the new style of train is seen on Freedom Flyer at Fun Spot America in Orlando, Florida.

Silver Streak family inverted roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland near Toronto, Ontario, Canada Home Canada's Wonderland Index         Previous Next

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