Wonder Mountain's Guardian

The Wonder Mountain's Guardian coaster operates with five trains.  Every train is comprised of two cars and has a total seating capacity of eight passengers.  A full train weighs about 12,500 pounds.  Every train has a set of large capacitors installed on-board.  They are charged in just 30 seconds while the train sits in the loading platform.  The capacitors store enough electrical energy to operate the sound and targeting systems during the ride.

The loading platform and most of the ride are located within the interior of Wonder Mountain.  Trains are loaded here, pass outside, climb the lift hill, travel through the short coaster portion of the ride, and then enter the mountain for the interactive dark-ride portion of the experience.  While inside the man-made mountain, cars are rotated 90° by an electric motor mounted under each car.  The result of this revolution is that every set of passengers ends up facing sideways in relation to the train's direction of travel.  This allows riders to see, as well as shoot, the large screens mounted on either side of the track.

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