Wonder Mountain's Guardian

This car is leaving the loading platform and is exiting the mountain.  It is just a few feet away from the start of the lift hill.  After the climb up the chain lift, the train is propelled by gravity down a small hill and back up a shorter hill.  The train then enters the mountain and encounters a set of brakes that brings the train to almost a complete stop.  After entering the mountain, a flexible door closes behind the trains.  This door blocks light from entering the mountain so riders traverse the remaining portion of the ride in complete darkness.  And if the door fails to open, it is made of flexible material and can be opened by a train crashing into it.  This feature was actually tested before the ride opened to the public.

While inside the mountain, trains encounter the interactive dark-ride portion of the experience.  Motorized tires slowly move trains forward on the straight sections of the dark ride, and the turns inside the mountain are angled downward so gravity pulls cars around the turns.  In the next three pages, I will describe what happens to trains inside the mountain, so there are spoilers ahead!

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