Wonder Mountain's Guardian

This view shows the outside portion of Wonder Mountain's Guardian, but I don't have any pictures of the ride as it passes through the mountain's interior.  This is due to several reasons.  First of all, the park prohibits any on-ride photography.  The second reason is that the inside of the mountain is completely dark save the illumination provided by the projectors.  It is a really fun dark-ride to experience in person, but pictures and videos just don't do it justice because it is so dark that cameras just can't capture the fast-moving scenes that the trains scroll by.

The coaster looks pretty simple from this view, but it is an incredibly complex attraction.  A power system capable of feeding up to 1,200 amps powers the ride.  With electric motors for the coaster, dozens of projectors, and numerous speakers, over 20 miles of wiring was required to tie all of the systems together.  A room full of computers is required to render the six 3-D scenes.  There are many interactive shooting rides at other amusement parks, but Wonder Mountain's Guardian is the world's first, and so far only, ride that combines a roller coaster with an interactive dark-ride.

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