Wonder Mountain's Guardian

The story line during the interactive portion of the ride involves a knight that guides riders through a journey to retrieve a crown taken by a dragon that lives in the mountain.  The train slowly passes by the first four scenes.  Riders can score points by shooting a variety of targets such as coins, goblins, sea creatures, and spiders.  Because the cars have rotated 90° after entering the mountain, each pair of riders faces a screen mounted to each side of the track.  The main scenes on either side of the track are identical, but the transitions between scenes are different on the two side of the track.  To the track's left side, the first three screens are mounted at right angles to each other.  To the track's right side, non-interactive images are projected on the curved portions of the screen as transitions between the interactive scenes.  While the experience is slightly different depending on which way riders are facing, the non-interactive transitions ensure that the scoring opportunities are identical on both sides of the track.  That curved screen on the right of the track is the world's longest interactive screen.  It is about 150 meters (500 feet) long and 4 meters (13 feet) tall.

One advantage to a ride such as this is that the whole experience can be changed with new software.  This ride has been converted into Zombies 4D for Halloween.  As you can guess, the new plot involves shooting a lot of zombies and spiders.  It was originally suggested that other themes could be used over time, but to date, only the two programs have been shown during the ride.

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