Wonder Mountain's Guardian

After the train enters the area for the fifth scene, it is brought to a complete stop.  A door closes behind the train once it is stationary, so the train ends up being completely surrounded by projected scenes.  This scene is the highlight of the ride, and it allows riders to attack Lord Ormaar, the dragon that lives in Wonder Mountain.  But if the climax of the interactive ride wasn't enough, the coaster's biggest surprise is waiting for riders during that scene.  The track in the fifth scene is drop track!  The track and the train that is firmly attached to it drop straight down 10 meters (or 30 feet).  As of 2019, there are six roller coasters that feature drop track, and Wonder Mountain's Guardian has the longest drop of any of these coasters.  These drop coasters have been built by a variety of manufacturers, but all six drops occur indoors.

After making the big drop, trains are slowly powered past the sixth scene, but it is not an interactive shooting scene like the previous ones.  The screens at the end of the ride show each rider's score as well as a photograph of every passenger on the train.  Having only ridden this coaster a couple of times, I really don't know the secret to getting a high score.  I do like the shooting system better than some other interactive rides because the screen has a colored dot on it to show where the rider aimed during each shot.  Each shooter has a different colored dot, so it is easy to determine who shot and where they aimed.  The scenes respond to shots with objects dissipating or exploding when hit, so there is good feedback.  However, I am not sure what point value each item is worth, and there are probably hidden items worth a lot of points, so I would have to ride the coaster a bunch to determine a good strategy of how to win.  For now, the best plan I can recommend is to fire as much as possible at anything that moves!

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