Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

    Situated in the Rocky Mountains halfway between Vail and Aspen, the Fairy Caves opened to the public in 1895 but were closed in 1917.  In 1982, avid caver Steve Beckley contacted the property's owner asking to explore the miles of caverns under the mountain, but he was denied.  He persisted for the next sixteen years and finally reached an agreement in 1998 to open the caves, now referred to as Glenwood Caverns, to the public.  Great care was taken to preserve the geological formations, including the installation of airtight doors, a new tunnel entrance, and temperature and humidity monitors.  Beckley's love of caves is apparent in the work involved to make sure Glenwood Caverns will remain a living, dripping, growing cave system.  Cave tours are available year-round, although the Wild Cave Tour is very strenuous with some sections as small as 18 square inches.  It is not recommended for those with a rib cage circumference greater than 42 inches!

    The only way into the park is the Iron Mountain Tramway, a nearly mile-long ride which carries guests from the floor of the Roaring Fork Valley to the top of Iron Mountain.   In addition to the fantastic views, this one-of-a-kind mountain-top park has a fantastic variety of rides and experiences for all ages, including a number of rides, shows, and tours that operate in all seasons of the year.

    The player below contains Episode 1209 of the Podcast recorded live at Glenwood Caverns.  If your browser doesn't display the player, you can download Episode #1209 here.

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Wild West Express
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Alpine Coaster
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Giant Canyon Swing
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