Gothenburg, Sweden

    Situated on Sweden's west coast, the Liseberg amusement park got its start in the 1750s when Johan Anders Lamberg named his property "Lisas berg," or "Lisa's Mountain."  The city of Gothenburg purchased the property in 1908.  The city celebrated its 300th anniversary in 1923 and added rides and a roller coaster to the park.  Liseberg continued to grow with the addition of a dance hall, a large pool, a hotel, the Lisebergs Lustgarten (Botanical Garden), and many, many new rides.  Adjacent to the park is the Lisebergshallen arena, Rondo exhibition hall, and Liseberg Theater.

    Since my visit, two new coasters have been built at Liseberg: Stampbanan (2013) is a small family coaster built by Preston & Barbieri.   Helix (2014) is a launched coaster built by Mack Rides.  It has seven inversions!

    Five coasters have left Liseberg:

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