Adventurer's Family Entertainment Center
Brooklyn, New York

    Situated between Manhattan and Coney Island, this park began in 1966 as Nellie Bly Park.  In 2007, its name changed to Adventurers Family Entertainment Center (FEC).  The park has a variety of relatively small rides.

    Two coasters have left the park:  Flash was the only coaster built by Arthur Lamkin and ran from the early 1980s until 1995.  It was torn down in early 2000.  The other coaster was a small ride that began in 1966 as Kiddie Coaster but changed to Tater Bug Terror in the early 2000s when it got a new train.  It was relocated to Easton, Pennsylvania in 2005, but never operated and just sat for a few years at Bushkill Park before being scrapped.

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