Sparetime Express

Sparetime Express is on the second level of this building.  It sits above a large go-kart track.

The coaster was built by E&F Miler Industries, the company formerly known as Miler Coaster, Inc.  The company, based in Oregon, mostly makes small coasters.  Miler has constructed over 50 coasters, and the majority of them have been their "Family Coaster" models.  The most common models in this line are: 11.5ft Single Helix Center - CW (clockwise), 11.5ft Single Helix Center - CCW (counter-clockwise), 16ft Outside Spiral - CW, 16ft Outside Spiral - CCW, 16ft Oval with helix on left, and 16ft Oval with helix on right.  Additionally, there have been a small number of other Family Coasters that were custom-made or only had one or two copies sold.  Sparetime Express is nearly 12 feet tall, and it is a 11.5ft Single Helix Center - CCW.  Other examples of this model are: Kiddie Coaster at Fun Spot USA - Kissimmee, Python Pit at Go-Karts Plus, and Python Pit at Heritage Square.  The CW versions are mirror images of the CCW copies.  CW models are rare and I have only ridden one: Midnight Express at Krazy City.

Sparetime Express roller coaster at Neb's Funworld family entertainment center in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Home Neb's Funworld Index          Next

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