Sparetime Express

The mezzanine of this building is an unusual location for a roller coaster.  This level not only is home to the family coaster, it is also a storage area for Christmas decorations and a variety of items and boxes.  It also seems to be an area where go-karts are stored and repaired.  It is a little strange, but I didn't mind.  I was happy that Neb's Funworld found a place where they could add a roller coaster to their collection of rides.  And since Neb's is planning an expansion, this location may be temporary until a more suitable spot is constructed.

Because the metal floor had small perforations, and since there were several areas where there was no metal floor between me and the lower level, I was able to see the go-karts racing below the ride.  The electric vehicles were silent as they raced below me, but it was a strange sensation to see them zoom by underneath me as I rode this cute little ride.

Sparetime Express roller coaster at Neb's Funworld family entertainment center in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Home Neb's Funworld Index          Previous Next

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