Sky Rider

Two other rides built by Caripro Rides are unique and most be noted.  Their first roller coaster was Batflyer at Duinrell in Wassenaar, Netherlands.  Built in 1997, the coaster was a failure and never opened to the public.  The gondolas had problems with their speed and had trouble getting back to the station.  Adding electricity to the rail and a motor to each gondola was considered, but eventually this fix was abandoned.  The ride was eventually scrapped in 2002.  Their only other major ride was Clone Zone at The Milky Way Adventure Park in Bideford, United Kingdom.  The ride is an indoor dark ride, but it is powered throughout its entire course, so I do not list it as a roller coaster.  In 2019, the ride was retrofitted with interactive shooting elements and was renamed Ziggy's Blast Quest.

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