Spinball Whizzer

Thanks to four block brakes located on the course, room for a number of cars in the station, and a long track before the station that can safely house a couple of stopped cars, the Spinball Whizzer coaster can operate with eight cars at one time.  The track at the end of the course can be seen adjacent to the gray railings on the lower right.  You can also spot parts of three of the block brake sections in this picture.  Those sections can be identified by the straight track, a walkway and railing sitting next to the track, and stairs leading up to the section.  The stairs are normally used to allow maintenance personnel to access the brake system and the proximity sensors that determine the car's position and speed.  The stairs can also be used if a car is stopped in the block brakes and riders have to be removed from the ride, but this is very seldom done since even a fully stopped car resting in the block brakes is high enough to complete the rest of the ride if it is simply released from the brakes.

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