As before, the red track is part of Rita, but the train in the background is leaving Thirteen's first lift hill.  The lift is 20 metres (65 feet) tall.  Nearly three dozen pairs of electric motors drive 68 tires on the Booster Wheel Lift Hill.  After being pulled up by the tires, or tyres in the English spelling, the track goes through five drops and a number of nice turns as it passes through the woods.  There are so many trees in this area that the track is totally isolated and its journey through the woods can't be seen by anyone.

After the five hills, trains encounter a second lift hill.  This hill is much shorter than the first and has a dozen sets of motorized tires.  This second lift hill ends with only about one train-length of level track sitting between the lift and the show building.   The second lift not only controls the speed of the train as it approaches the building, it also provides a holding location just in case the preceding train hasn't departed the show building.

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