Dragon Wagon

This picture shows how portable Dragon Wagon was.  It wasn't anchored to the ground.  Adjustable jacks at the bottom of the supports allowed raising or lowering the metal ground plates to adjust for uneven ground, although that feature wasn't needed on this level concrete pad.  Although it is partially visible, the loading platform is literally on a trailer.  I have seen many coasters like this where the station still has road tires and a license plate!

This Dragon Wagon train had the ability to unlock all the restraints at once with a compressed air hose, but I didn't see it used when I rode the coaster.  A foot pedal was on the right front corner of each car.  In this picture, you can see the pedals and the cable leading from the pedal to the lapbars.  The textured metal beneath the center of the cars is the skid strip for the motorized tires mounted on the ride.  The ride has two tires on the lift hill to pull the train upward.  There are also a couple in the station that not only propel the train toward the lift but are also used to stop the train at the end of the ride.

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