Jet Coaster

Jet Coaster was built by Meisho Amusement Machines.  This company traces its origin to the Sanoyas Shipyard that was founded in 1911.  The Sanoyas group merged with Meisho Co., Ltd. in 1991.   Now part of the Sanoyas Hishino Meisho Corporation, the Meisho Amusement Machines company has built a small number of coasters, most of which are in Japan.  The ride manufacturer also does business under the name Sanoyas Rides Corporation.  The Sanoyas firm currently consists of a Ship and Steel Structure Group, a Parking System & Engineering Group, a Construction Machines Group, and the Leisure Business Group which has built roller coasters, log flumes, monorails, suspended monorails, Ferris Wheels, and a variety of flat rides.  They aren't any Meisho coasters in North or South America, but there are a little over a dozen still operating in Japan, two in South Korea, and four in North Korea!

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