Slope Shooter

Animal patterns were added to the ride's four cars recently.  One yellow car has leopard spots while the other has markings found on giraffes.  The white car has zebra stripes, and the green car has mottled camouflage that looks like some type of reptile.  The sign on the side of the car says that it has a capacity of four riders, but this would be an extremely tight squeeze.  Two adults, one in the front seat and one in the back seat, is pretty much the maximum these cars can hold.

There are three sets of wheels on each car.  The four wheels the cars sit on are air-filled tires.  I have heard that these pneumatic tires provide a very smooth ride.  The back two wheels are fixed while the front two wheels can caster from side to side.  The forward-most tires are designed to ride against the sides of the trough.  They guide the cars laterally as they descend down the track.

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