Slope Shooter

As of 2020, there are twelve remaining "Side Friction" coasters, but three of them are Standing But Not Operating (SBNO).  Leap The Dips at Lakemont Park was built in 1902 but was SBNO from 1986 until it reopened as the World's Oldest Operating Coaster in 1999.  Sadly, the entirety of Lakemont has been closed since the end of the 2016 season.  The park and the coaster were expected to reopen in 2020, but the COVID-19 crisis may extend the park's SBNO status.  The second SBNO ride is Hullámvasút at Vidámpark in Hungary.  Built in 1926, the coaster has been SBNO since the park closed in 2015.  The coaster required a brakeman to ride in each train.  The last SBNO "Side Friction" coaster is Swing Coaster at Maharaja World in India.  It is the only coaster built by Madhu Amusements & Leisure Concepts, and operated for only about five years after it was built around 2010.

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