Jet Coaster

The small house with the winking clown face on it is ビックリハウス, or Bikkurihausu.  This translates to Surprised House.  The small ride, which is the smallest "Madhouse" ride I have ever been in, features a small row of swinging seats inside the building.  The interior of the room looks normal, but it is actually mounted within a rotating drum.  As the seats rock back and forth, the room vertically revolves around the swing.  This optical illusion gives riders the illusion that they are flipping completely upside-down.

Here are some larger "Madhouse" rides at other parks: Hex - The Legend of the Towers at Alton Towers, Villa Volta at Efteling, Houdini's Great Escape at Six Flags Great Adventure, and Houdini's Great Escape at Six Flags New England.

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