Rocky Coaster

I find the choice of coaster names and signs interesting in non-English-speaking countries.  On Rocky Coaster, the name and the sign are in English.  The nearby Adventure Drive coaster's name is in English, but its sign lists the name in both English and Katakana, the Japanese characters mainly used for words and names imported from foreign languages.  In other Japanese amusement parks, many of the rides are given Japanese names, and most of the signs are printed in Japanese.

I always give the same advice to travelers headed to foreign amusement parks: Get a park map so you can point to what rides you are looking for when asking for directions or tickets.  Know the words "entrance" and "exit" so you can read the signs and know how to get in lines.  Americans use the terms "restroom" or "bathroom," but most other countries use "toilet" or "water closet."  And even if you don't speak the local language, smile a lot and learn how to say "thank you" in the country's language.

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