Six Flags has marketed Goliath as a wooden roller coaster.  When categorizing a coaster's type, the track's material is used to classify it as a steel coaster or a wooden coaster.  There are plenty of wooden coasters that have steel supports, a couple of steel coasters with wooden supports, and a handful of rides like Goliath that have a mix of materials supporting the track.  But since most of Goliath's track is wood, I tend to agree that it is a wood coaster.

I say most of it is wood, yet there is some metal in the track.  You can see the wide, orange steel plate that covers the track.  Nearly every other wooden coaster has a small strip of metal that sits between the track and the train's wheels, but this one is very obvious since it is very wide and bright orange.

Is this a wood or a steel coaster?

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