Hercules was designed by Curtis D. Summers and built by the Dinn Corporation in 1989.  Of the dozen wooden coasters that came about from the collaboration of Charlie Dinn and Curtis Summers, only seven remain in operation today. Georgia Cyclone, Mean Streak, Predator, Timber Wolf, and Wolverine Wildcat are still running pretty much like they were when they were built, but the Texas Giant has recently been remade into the New Texas Giant thanks to an overhaul with steel track.  Wild One also still runs, but Dinn and Summers's contribution was primarily relocating it and rebuilding the ride when it moved in 1986.

Other Dinn and Summers coasters have met a worse fate.  Besides Hercules, Psyclone and Raging Wolf Bobs have been torn down.  Thunder Run has been dormant for a couple of years and won't run until at least 2015, or it may be torn down if it is deemed too expensive to restore it back to operational use.

Hercules Coaster by Dinn and Summers

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