Blazing Fury

All of Blazing Fury is indoors. It has four three-car trains.  For much of the ride, the 18-passenger train is electrically driven past various scenes depicting fires and firemen.  The train slowly climbs up about 30 feet as it passes a variety of animated characters and fire effects.  The ride basically completes three climbing circles during the ride.  During the last scenes, the track is directly over two other sections of track that were traversed during the begining of the ride, but the construction of the walls and floors in the show building blocks riders from seeing other scenes or track above or below.

The ride has three drops.  The first plunge happens after the train passes a "Danger! Bridge Out!" sign.  The second occurs after riders are startled by the lights and loud horn from a railroad train.  The final drop happens in almost complete darkness.  The largest drop is about 18 feet. 

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