Green Lantern: First Flight
This fun ride was built by Intamin Amusement Rides, the manufacturing company based in Wolleraul, Switzerland and Schaan, Liechtenstein.  The company, which took its name as an abbreviation of INTernational AMusement INstallations, has been making amusement park rides for 40 years.   Since building their first roller coaster in 1979, Junior Gemini at Cedar Point, Intamin has gone on to build over 125 roller coasters.   They built the world's first "Giga Coaster" that was over 300 feet tall, and they constructed the world's only two "Strata Coasters" that are over 400 feet tall.  Their portfolio includes wood coasters, steel coasters, bobsled coasters, magnetically launched coasters, hydraulically launched coasters, and "4D Coasters" like Green Lantern.

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