Green Lantern: First Flight
Riders seated closest to the track are protected by a huge fiberglass panel so they can't reach the wheels or the track.  The shields are mounted to the seats, so riders don't rotate in relation to the shield.  Riders seated farthest from the track have a fairing that rests over their outside arm and shoulder.  This keeps people from reaching out too far to the side which might be an injury risk as the car passes some support structures.  All riders have a lap bar and flexible shoulder harnesses.

Don't be like this guy and try to use your phone on the coaster.  It's a great way to lose your phone, and someone could get hurt if it is wrenched out of your hands.  And as someone who has taken a lot of videos and still pictures from coasters, I can attest that this ride is so strong that any hand-held camera will be tossed and buffeted about so much that it renders the footage extremely shaky and hard to watch.

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