Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu was built by Vekoma.  It was supposed to open in early 2001, but mechanical problems delayed its opening until late August 2001.

Because its problems continued, I never personally saw this coaster operate.  In fact, I never saw the other two Déjà Vu coasters run either!

My bad luck with these three coasters continued when I visited Massachusetts to see the ride after it was relocated.  It left California in 2010 and opened as Goliath at Six Flags New England in May 2012, but when I was there in person, the ride was closed.  The train was nowhere to be seen, and a large permanent sign stated the ride would be "unavailable for an extended time." So, I have personally visited four Six Flags parks with Giant Inverted Boomerang coasters, yet I have never seen one run, nor have I ever had the opportunity to actually get a ride on one.

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