Riddler's Revenge
Besides the seven stand-up coasters built by B & M, seven were made by TOGO International and three were made by Intamin AG.
  • King Kobra (1984-2001) at Kings Island in Ohio
  • Standing Coaster (1985-present) at Rusutsu Resort in Japan - formerly Standing Coaster (1984-1984) at Otaru Expo in Japan
  • Freestyle (2015-present) at Cavallino Matto in Italy - formerly Skyrider (1985-2015) at Canada's Wonderland in Canada
  • Shockwave (1986-2015) at Kings Dominion in Virginia
  • Star Jet (1986-present) at Brazilian Park Washuzan Highland in Japan (one stand-up train, one backward-facing sit-down train)
  • Milky Way (1991-present) at Greenland in Japan
  • Fujin Raijin II (1992-2007) at Expoland in Japan

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