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Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure

Bessemer, Alabama

This amusement park has gone through a huge number of owners and business models since it started as VisionLand in May 1998. It was originally operated by the West Jefferson Amusement and Public Park Authority until it was forced to file for bankruptcy protection in 2002. At that point, all of the park's rides were closed except those in the water park. It was then purchased by the Southland Entertainment Group, and its name was changed slightly to Visionland. For the 2003 season, some non-water park rides returned to the area. The park acquired the Alabama Adventure name in 2006. The thrill rides were housed in the Magic Adventure Theme Park section, while the water rides were in the Splash Beach Water Park. Southland sold the park to Adrenaline Family Entertainment in 2008. In 2012, the park was sold to General Attractions LLC, its name was changed to Splash Adventure, and all of the non-water rides were closed and removed except the wooden coaster which spent three years Standing But Not Operating. In 2014, the park was purchased by Koch Family Parks. The new owners brought back some non-water rides in 2014 and have continued to add flat rides in the past few years . The park's latest coaster is Cheddar Chase, a Wild Mouse from L&T Systems that was Wild Lightnin' at Lake Winnepesaukah from 2001 to 2021. Two coasters have left the park:

  • Marvel Mania operated here from 1998 to 2011. Since 2013, it has been Blazin' Buckaroo at Elitch Gardens. See below for pictures and details.
  • Zoomerang operated here from 2005 to 2011. Since 2016, it has been Recoil at Wonderla Amusement Park Hyderabad in India. See below for pictures and details.


Marvel Mania