Steel Vengeance

The first couple of years on the original Mean Streak were the best.  It debuted as the tallest wood roller coaster in the world.  Even a quarter of a century later, it was still the seventh tallest wood coaster and the fourth longest wood coaster.   Unfortunately, time was not very kind to the Mean Streak.  It soon became rather rough.  As the coaster aged, the park reprofiled several sections of it, added trim brakes on the first hill, and made other changes to the ride, but it was still not as enjoyable as it was when it first opened.  During its last few years of operation as a wood coaster, it was really rough and the darn thing hardly had any airtime!

The ride opened in May 1991 and closed in September 2016.  During 2017, it was converted into a steel coaster.  It is expected to reopen as Steel Vengeance in 2018.  I hope to return to Sandusky to ride and photograph the new version of the ride!

Mean Streak lift hill profile

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