Matterhorn Bobsleds
In the last 50 years since it debuted, the trains on the Matterhorn Bobsled have changed greatly.  It first operated with many separate cars, but they were soon linked into 2-car trains.  The cars seen in this image were added when the ride was renovated in 1978.  In these older cars, there were two seats and seatbelts.  Two riders could cram into one seat with one person sitting in between the legs of another.  It was a tight squeeze to get two adults in one seat.  I was glad that I knew the person I rode with.  I am not sure that I would like to be so intimately close with my legs and arms around a stranger in front of me!

In 2012, new trains replaced the ones seen here.  The trains are still comprised of two cars, but each car now has three seats, and only one person can sit in each seat.  The new cars have seatbelts like the older cars, but the new configuration has one electronically-released belt for every seat..

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