Matterhorn Bobsleds
The trains on the Matterhorn are very narrow.

There are two completely separate coasters housed within the mountain.  The two coasters start off with parallel lift hills.  As the trains begin their descent, the two tracks are parallel, but after this area seen here, they diverge into two different paths, although they rejoin and are side-by-side again later in the ride.  You can see seven brakes mounted in between the rails in this image.  There are dozens of brakes scattered throughout the ride to slow or stop the trains.

In the section of the ride seen here, the trains used to slowly pass by some color-changing crystals.  When the ride was updated in 2012, the large crystals were replaced with a big pile of wreckage that the Yeti scavenged from the mountain.  Scattered among the debris are a large alpine horn, old Matterhorn Bobsled coaster cars, and a couple of trashed cars from the old Skyride.

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