Matterhorn Bobsleds
Matterhorn received a renovation in 1978.  Prior to that work, much of the interior of the mountain and the coaster's support structure was visible to riders.  Many of the open areas were closed up, and much of the interior was turned into ice caves such as this one.  The ice crystals were also added to the uppermost cave.  Three Yeti figures also appeared in 1978.  There was the one seen here, which both coasters passed by early on in their rides, a second placed near the end of the Fantasyland coaster's course, and a third located near the end of the Tomorrowland coaster's track.  None of the three Yetis moved, but strobe lights, the audio of scary roars, and the speed of the train past the Yetis helped create a startling surprise for the riders.  The figures are often called Abominable Snowmen, and they were unofficially known as Harold by most Disney employees.

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