Space Mountain
The original coaster that operated here from May 1977 to April 2003 was 3,459 feet long and reached speeds of just 32 miles per hour.  Official stats of the new coaster's length, height, and speed have never been released by Disney, but it has been reported that the track's peak is about 70 feet tall.

It is possible to operate up to one dozen of these 12-passenger trains on the ride at one time.  Three trains can be in the loading and unloading platform at once, with space for a fourth in a short segment of transfer track situated at the exit of the platform.  Another two trains can be stacked up and waiting to enter the station.  There are three lift hills at the beginning the ride which also provide places for multiple trains to be segregated from each other.  Unlike Big Thunder Mountain's trio of lift hills that are scattered throughout the ride, Space Mountain's three chain lifts all happen at the very start of the ride.  This unusual design allows the trains to climb up a short distance, make a flat turn, and climb up some more while pointing in a different direction.  The three lifts were needed to keep in the confines of the small dome.

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