SkyRider had a rather cumbersome and complex restraint system.  While boarding, each seatback was able to move up and down.  Before the train left the station, the height of each seat was locked.  And if you look carefully on this picture, you can see that the height of the seatbacks and restraints varies from seat to seat.  It is especially noticeable where a child is sitting in the middle of the train.

Adding to the train's complexity was the fact that each seat had two shoulder harnesses, one lap-bar, and a seat belt.  For a tall person like me, it was extremely difficult to thread my arms through the individual shoulder restraints.  And once my arms were in the harnesses, I was unable to reach the lap-bar, so it was important to adjust the lapbar first before getting my arms into the side restraints.  Even though the shoulder restraints were padded, it was still very uncomfortable to bang my head and ears into them.  The ride was not smooth, so there were plenty of times where I banged into them.

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