There is a wheel, most of which are red on this train, that sits below the centerline of each car.  These wheels are used in the station to center the car laterally as it enters and exits the loading platform.  The wheel sits in a metal trough which keeps the car from swinging side to side as passengers enter and exit the car.  More wheels can be seen mounted on metal rods located just behind and to the left of the centerline wheel.  These are used to release the over-the-shoulder restraints.  A long steel bar is positioned underneath the train's loading station.  When this bar is raised upward, it unlocks all of the harnesses at once by pushing each wheel and rod apparatus upward.  And if you look very carefully, you will see a foot pedal mounted on the back left corner of each car.  Ride operators can use their feet to push these pedals down or to pull them up.  Each pedal can lock or unlock the four restraints in each car.

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