Butterfly was built by Sunkid Heege GmbH, a company based in Bassenheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.  In business since 1975, it expanded in 2016 as Sunkid GmbH took over global sales for Heege Family Rides, also known as Heege Freizeittechnik GmbH.  The company recently acquired the Brandauer organization, maker of nearly 50 single-rail Alpine Coasters.  Sunkid has created over 80 small roller coasters, more than 60 of which are "Butterfly" models like this one.  The company also makes "Nautic Jet" boat rides that start with a freefall and end with the boat literally flying off the track and splashing down into a large pool of water.  (Check out this video of the Waserbob Nordic Boat to see one in action!)   In recent years, Sunkid has made replacement trains for a handful of Vekoma coasters.  The company has a diverse set of offerings aimed at ski resorts such as lifts, conveyor belts, and interactive figures designed to aid skiing schools.

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