Diving Coaster Vanish!
I often get asked for advice on where to sit on a roller coaster.  The middle of the trains are usually my least favorite places to sit because the g-forces tend to be mildest in the middle of the trains.  I like the front of the trains in almost every coaster because the ride is wilder, but also for the unobstructed views.  On some coasters, the back rows provide a little more air-time than the front as the cars crest over hills, but that is not true on every ride.  In fact, it is a little subjective and up to debate as to whether the front or back is wilder on many coasters.

You might have noticed that these riders prefer the front of the train.  That is because this coaster has an amazing visual element.  If you are going through these pages, I haven't shown that impressive visual feat yet, so keep clicking on that arrow down below that is pointing to the right.  You will soon see the famous "Vanish" that gives Diving Coaster Vanish! its name.

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