Here are two of the ride's five airtime hills.  This is another trainload of riders who are all hanging on to the restraints.  No one is going over this hill with their hands raised.

When Skyrush opened, many coaster enthusiasts started referring to the ride as "Thigh Crush" and complained that the restraints were uncomfortable.   I initially just chalked it up to a play on words, but after riding Skyrush, I agree that "Thigh Crush" is an appropriate nickname.   While the coaster was enjoyable, the lapbar was extremely painful.  The restraint is designed so that it can tighten and ratchet down at any time, but it can only be released in the station.  So as the ride progressed and the train pulled positive g's, the restraint got tighter and tighter against my legs.  The lap bar only made contact with my thighs in a small strip, so its pressure was concentrated on a small section of my legs.

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