At the end of ride, I found myself sitting in the brake run with my legs pinned tightly by the lap bar.  It was rather uncomfortable.  I also heard a few other riders complaining about their legs.  But much to my surprise, after a few seconds of sitting stationary, a loud pop was heard and everyone's restraint raised up about an inch or two.  I was really glad that the pressure was released from my thighs.  I have never been on a coaster that had a similar system to partially release the restraints before the ride gets back to the loading platform.  The fact that the ride was modified by such a system seems to be a tacit acknowledgement that the lapbar design was causing so much pain.

Most of Skyrush occurs over Spring Creek.  Comet, the wooden coaster in the foreground, is mostly over the land adjacent to Spring Creek.  The two coasters come very close to each other at several locations.

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