Because it is over 200 feet tall, Goliath is considered to be a hypercoaster. The generally accepted definition of a hypercoaster is a roller coaster that is either greater than 200 feet tall or has a drop greater than 200 feet.   There are a few minor variations as Intamin calls their rides over 200 feet "Mega Coasters" and Bolliger and Mabillard add a space to the name and call theirs "Hyper Coasters."  As of 2016, there are 52 continuous-circuit steel roller coasters that are considered hypercoasters.   Of those 52, five are over 300 feet and are called "Giga Coasters," and two are over 400 feet tall and are called "Strata Coasters."

Here is a list of hypercoasters I have photographed.  The measurement is height above ground followed by largest drop.

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