Viper has a nice variety of inversions: Three vertical loops, a Batwing Loop (also known as a Boomerang), and a double Corkscrew Loop.  The first loop is 144 feet tall which gave it the record for the world's tallest loop when the ride opened in 1990.

There has always been a desire to build bigger and faster roller coasters, but the 1990s and early 2000s saw a huge push to create record-breaking roller coasters.  Because of this, Viper's records didn't last very long.   It was the tallest and fastest coaster when it opened, but just one year later, Steel Phantom at Kennywood opened with a massive 225-foot drop that took away Viper's speed record.  Several coasters now have loops taller than Viper.  The only record that Viper held for a significant length of time was the honor of being the tallest looping roller coaster, but that was eclipsed by Alpengeist's 195-foot height when it opened at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 1997.

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