Scream! was the park's sixteenth roller coaster.  Magic Mountain now is home to 19 roller coasters.  This gives the park the record for the most roller coasters of any amusement park.

As of 2017, this is a list of the parks with the most roller coasters:

  1. 19 coasters - Six Flags Magic Mountain
  2. 17 coasters - Cedar Point
  3. 15 coasters (two-park tie) - Kings Island
                 Canada's Wonderland
  4. 14 coasters - Six Flags Great America
  5. 13 coasters (six-park tie) - Carowinds
                Kings Dominion
                Six Flgas Great Adventure
                Six Flags Over Texas
                Nagashima Spaland
  6. 12 coasters (three-park tie) - Six Flags New England
                Wiener Prater (pictures coming soon)
                Europa Park (pictures coming soon)

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