Wild Adventures

Valdosta, Georgia

   This park started in 1996 when Kent Buescher opened the Liberty Farms Animal Park.  It began as a small petting zoo, but rides started to appear in 1998.  In 2004, the privately held company owned by Buescher, the Adventure Parks Group, purchased Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, Florida.  Wild Adventures' expansion died down following the Cypress Gardens purchase. In September 2006, Adventure Parks Group filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  This was caused when Cypress was hit with over $25 million in damages due to Hurricanes Charley, Francis, and Jeanne. 

   Three coasters, Fiesta Express, Gold Rush, and Tiger Terror, have been removed from the park.  Click on their pictures below to read about their history.  On the positive side, the park added Viking Voyage in 2010, the Miler ride formerly Jack Rabbit at Branson's Celebration City.

Ant Farm Express
Click to enlarge Ant Farm Express Ant Farm Express by Vekoma

Click to enlarge Boomerang Click to enlarge Vekoma Boomerang Wild Adventures pictures

Go Bananas! (formerly Bug Out)
Click to enlarge Go Bananas! Click to enlarge Bug Out Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Cheetah Click to enlarge Cheetah pics Cheetah roller coaster

Fiesta Express
Click to enlarge Fiesta Express picture

Gold Rush
Click to enlarge Gold Rush Gold Rush roller coaster

Twisted Typhoon (formerly Hangman)
Click to enlarge Hangman Click to enlarge Twisted Typhoon Junior Suspended Coaster Vekoma junior roller coaster

Swamp Thing
Click to enlarge Swamp Thing Swamp Thing roller coaster

Tiger Terror
Click to enlarge Tiger Terror

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