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December 29 - Here is our last new park for 2008:  Trimper's Rides is the second Ocean City park.

I keep my personal life off of these pages (that is what Facebook and Myspace are for).  However, there are two pressing issues that I would like to share:  My brother Jeff (his pictures are scattered throughout this website) is now the proud father of Miles Thomas Rogers.  Since the baby was born eight weeks early and is only 4 pounds 6 ounces, we are all praying that he will stay healthy and that he will be able to come home soon.

The other news is that I broke my arm last week.  I know that living with just one good hand is not that big of a deal, but it has slowed down my computer use.  So please don't email and ask when the next pictures are going to be added... I am working as fast as I can with just my left hand!

December 15 - Time for another park:  Jolly Roger at the Pier is the first of three Ocean City parks that are coming to the Gallery.

There are also numerous text updates throughout the website.  Some examples: Carowinds looses Flying Super Saturator, but is getting the Vekoma boomerang moved from Geauga Lake - Carolina CobraSix Flags Magic Mountain looses Psyclone, but is getting Terminator: The Coaster next year.

November 28 - There are lots of new items on the Roller Coaster Merchandise page.  Prices have dropped on a few things, so now is a good time to shop!  The books, DVDs, and toys make great holiday gifts for your favorite roller coaster fan.

But if you are just looking for roller coaster pictures, here are a bunch of new ones for you: The Adventuredome at Circus Circus in Las Vegas.

November 15 - It has been a busy week! First was a trip to Disney World.  Then a trip to Cypress Gardens.  Cypress announced just one week ago that they are closing all of their rides as of this weekend, so this was the last chance to check out their six roller coasters.  It is sad to think that they are closing, but at least I got the chance to ride some rides and document the coasters.  As always, I need some time to work on the pictures, so please check back soon to see them!

If you want to see new pictures now, stop by the Busch Gardens Europe pages.  Griffon is now covered, and there are tons of new pictures of the other coasters as well.

I also got the honor to see the Space Shuttle launch Friday night.  I was delighted to attend since this is probably the last night launch before Shuttle is retired.  If there is interest, I just might post those pictures somewhere.

November 2 - Go Karts Plus pictures are up for your viewing pleasure!  Also, there are some new press releases describing new coasters coming in 2009.

October 24 - It was just brought to my attention that I never listed the new Kings Island pictures here.  Whoops!  They have been up for months, but I should mention here that I now have pictures of the Backlot Stunt Coaster, Firehawk, and construction pictures of the new Diamondback ride.  (Thanks to Jackson Thurnquist for pointing out this mistake!)

October 10 - The Las Vegas Gran Prix pictures are done, and there are a lot more on the way!  Just take a look at the list of parks on the home page, and you will get a taste of what is in the works.  So please, please check back soon!

September 27 - Yet another California park: Pacific Park.

Some people wonder why I don't say which parks I am going to visit.  (See post below.)  The reason is that my plans often change.  For example, I had intended to visit Busch Gardens Europe and Kings Dominion, but I decided at the last moment to change my trip.  I did hit Busch Gardens, but I also got to go to Go-Karts Plus, Trimper's Rides, Jolly Roger at the Pier, and the Jolly Roger Amusement Park.  I just need a few days off so I can work on posting those new parks...

But instead of taking time off, I am going to visit Canada next week... so get ready for Canada's Wonderland!

September 9 - They have been public for a couple of weeks, so I should put here that the new Cedar Point pictures are done.  There are a lot of Maverick pictures, but there are a number of new pictures of the older coasters also.

I wish I had time to post more pictures this week, but I am traveling again.  You can expect new pictures from two major East Coast parks that I haven't been to in eight years.

August 12 - The new pictures from Busch Gardens Africa (formerly Busch Gardens Tampa Bay) are done.  Sheikra and Cheetah Chase are now covered.  And if that was not enough, I just visited some more parks!  So get ready for more from Cedar Point, as well as new additions of Buffalo Bill's Resort and Casino, Las Vegas Gran Prix, and the Adventure Dome.  Subscribers to my Yahoo Group or MySpace Blog will see those new pictures soon, views here will just have to wait until September.  So please check back!

July 31 - The LEGOLAND California pictures are up for your viewing pleasure!  I am sorry that it took so long to post them, but I have been traveling a lot lately.  And just this week, I visited Busch Gardens Tampa and Disney's Animal Kingdom, so there are lots of new pictures on the way. 

June 30 - Another Canadian park: West Edmonton Mall's Galaxyland Amusement Park.

In the past few weeks, I have visited Kings Island, Holiday World, Legoland California, and Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier.  I am working on those pictures as quickly as possible, and I hope to post them soon!

June 8 - Time for one more park: New Jersey's Funtown Pier.  Now I am off to Ohio and Indiana to visit two more parks...

May 30 - The new pictures of Knott's Berry Farm are done.  Pony Express and Sierra Sidewinder are now documented in for your collection.

May 10 - Three new parks in three weeks?  Why not!  New Jersey's Dinosaur Beach, formerly Conko's Party Pier, Hunt's Pier, and Ocean Pier, is our latest addition.  The Golden Nugget Mine roller coaster might be closed to the public, but we have pictures of it here!

May 2 - Yep!  It's time for a new park:  Playland's Castaway Cove is now up for your enjoyment.

And as a little tease...I got a chance to visit Knott's Berry Farm, so look for those new pictures soon.

April 20 - Has it really been a month since I added a park to  Well, let me fix that... Here's Gillian's Wonderland Pier.

I hate to keep giving excuses, but here is a little excuse.  I haven't done many updates this month because I have been traveling again, so look soon  for pictures of indoor coasters in Las Vegas, Nevada and Edmonton, Alberta!

April 1 - There are new aerial shots of Lakeside Amusement Park as well as shots of the Wild Chipmunk in operation.   I also added pictures of SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge being tested before its opening.

There are also new websites on my Links page.  If you have an amusement park website and would like to exchange links, please let me know.  Since averages one million pages viewed each month, it is a great way to get your website out to roller coaster fans!

March 10 - The pictures from Steel Pier have been released.  Now I will work on some other parks from New Jersey.

March 3 - Clementon's coaster which was originally Tsunami and later J2, is now going to be called Puma.

February 24 - Two updates this week.  First off, the pictures of Blackbeard's Cave are up.  Secondly, I have some new shots of the SpongeBob SquarePants which is nearly complete.

February 10 - More changes throughout the site:  Disney MGM Studios recently changed its name to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Two of the coasters at Carowinds have been renamed.  Three of the coasters at Kings Island have been renamed.

February 3 - I added new pictures from Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom this week.  There are now shots of the relocated Greezed Lightnin' shuttle loop as well of new shots of the other rides.

January 10 - The Park at MOA has begun its transformation to Nickelodeon Universe.  The coasters have been renamed, and construction has begun on Avatar Airbender and SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge.  I added pictures of the new rides, and will continue to update them as they approach completion.

A couple of bits of news from Kings DominionHypersonic XLC has been dismantled, and I am not sure if it is going to ever find a new home.  And continuing the transition away from the Paramount theme at the park, the Italian Job: Stunt Track is now called Back Lot Stunt Coaster.

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