Frankie's Mine Train

From 2005 to 2010, this ride was called Road Runner Express.  At one point, there were nine Road Runner-themed roller coasters at Six Flags parks.  Road Runner Express (1997-present) at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Road Runner Express (2000-present) at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Road Runner Express (1994-present, currently named Wok's Waanzin) at Six Flags Holland (currently named Walibi World), Road Runner Railway (1999-present) at Six Flags Great Adventure, Road Runner's Express (2000-present, Standing But Not Operating since 2003) at Six Flags New Orleans, Roadrunner Express (1999-present) at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Roadrunner Express (2000-2003) at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure (later renamed Geauga Lake), and Coyote's und Roadrunner's Achterbahn (German for "Coyote's and Roadrunner's Roller Coaster" but presently named Backyardigans: Mission to Mars) at Warner Brothers Movie World Germany.

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