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December 12 - is holding a Linking Contest.  The rules are simple... from now until December 31, if you have a website or blog, simply email Joel and let me know that you have a link to  Everyone with a link gets a preview of our newest pictures and three lucky linkers get a prize.  I wish I could afford to give away a new car, but how about some pictures?  The three winners get a chance to get a large print of their favorite image!

November 26 - Denver's Mile High Flea Market is our newest addition.  They are mostly a Flea Market, but there are three rides including one Dragon coaster.

November 1 - Even though the coaster season is about done, I managed a few more coaster trips last month.  Indiana's That Fun Place is our latest park.  And if you want a coaster taller than the kiddie one there, check out the new Kings Island pictures.  I finally got the chance to photograph Diamondback!

September 17 - Time to add yet another park to the Gallery... Fun Fore All has one Fiesta Express coaster.

September 7 - I got to Waldameer and Conneaut Lake this weekend.  I even had the chance to ride Conneaut's Blue Streak to celebrate its reopening after years of dormancy, but I need some time to work on the pictures. 

In the mean time, here is Carowinds' Intimidator.  Check back in a couple of days to see the rest of the new Carowinds pictures.

August 12 - There are pictures of three new coasters today.  Check out the very first trainload of riders on Kennywood's Sky Rocket.  And check out Tony Hawk's Big Spin and Evel Knievel at Six Flags St. Louis.

I will update the pictures of the other coasters at those park soon, but I wanted to release the new coasters as soon as possible.  Please check back to see the rest!

July 30 - Just got back from Carowinds, so get ready for pictures of the other Intimidator!  But while I work on the new pictures, enjoy my latest park: New York's Sylvan Beach Amusement Park.

Want to help me decide which pictures to add next?  Join the Facebook and let me know your vote on which park should have priority!

July 14 - Our latest park is California's Gilroy Gardens

It's that time of year when the Gallery updates are even slower as I am busy traveling the world to look for roller coasters.  As you can see from the home page, a lot of parks are listed as "Coming Soon" as I have been to a bunch of new places.  And if that wasn't enough, I have been back to some parks I haven't been to in a while.

I currently have new pictures from the following parks: Six Flags St. Louis, Kennywood, Idewild, Carowinds, Santa's Workshop, Dreamworld, Warner Bros. Movie World, Luna Park Sydney, Magic Forrest, Sylvan Beach, Santa's Workshop, Fun Fore All, Conneaut Lake, Heritage Square and Knoebel's.  Keep checking back... I am adding new stuff as quickly as possible!

June 8 - Here are pictures of the first roller coaster designed and built in Australia.  Scenic World has been working on Orphan Rocker since the mid 1980s, but it has yet to open!  It is one of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen and a very strange story.

May 18 - Time for updates from other ends of the world:  Australia's Sea World and Virginia's Kings Dominion.  There are pictures of a roller coaster shaped like a JetSki (Jet Rescue) and one patterned after Dale Earnhardt's NASCAR #3 (Intimidator 305).

April 26 - Want to see two vastly different roller coasters from two different continents?  Australia's Wet'n'Wild and Jeepers in Albany, New York are our latest amusement parks.

I also had the chance to ride Intimidator 305 on opening week... so get ready for some new pictures from a park I haven't visited in nearly a decade!

April 1 - I am back from my trip to Australia, so get ready for pictures from the following theme parks: Wet'n'Wild Water World ,Sea World, Dream World, Scenic World, Warner Bros. World, or Luna Park Sydney.  If you are on my Facebook page, you can vote to help pick which pictures get released first.  Otherwise, check back in a few weeks.

While I am busy editing pictures this week, I have released a few new ones.  There are some new shots of Elitch Gardens up.

February 23 - How about another Myrtle Beach park?  The Freestyle Music Park started in 2008 as the Hard Rock Park.  It has struggled with many changes and is still having financial difficulties, but they have some really cool coasters.

February 3 - Let's add a couple of Myrtle Beach parks today!   NASCAR SpeedPark and Family Kingdom each have two coasters, but one park's roller coasters are sitting in pieces.  Which one?  You'll have to click to find out!

January 1 - What a year 2009 was. had 32.7 million hits and moved 830 gigabytes of pictures!  I added 17 parks to the Gallery and updated pictures from a bunch of other parks.  But let's not stop there... Today I am happy to announce pictures from parks in three different states!  Hoffman's Playland in New York is our 128th park covered.  Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California and Wild Waves in Washington both have lots of new pictures.

If you haven't seen the updated Search by Park Location map, please check it out.  The new feature places our parks on Google Maps so you can zoom, search, get directions and more.  I hope it a useful resource for you.

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