Wonderland Amusement Park

Amarillo, Texas

    The husband and wife team of Paul and Alethea Roads opened the small Kiddie Land park on this spot in August 1951.  During the next ten years, Paul continued to work at the Amarillo Air Force Base while he worked at Kiddie Land on nights and weekends, but he later went on to operate the park full-time.  As more grown-up rides were added, the park's name changed to Wonderland Amusement Park in 1969.  Some rides, like the Miniature Golf Course and the Fantastic Journey dark ride were built in-house, but Wonderland has also added a number of rides from a variety of manufacturers.  The O.D. Hopkins company installed several prototype rides at Wonderland.  Sitting on Route 87 on the north side of Amarillo, the park is currently the third largest amusement park in Texas.

    Wonderland Park has been run by members of the Roads family for over 60 years.  Paul and Alethea's daughter Paula, and her husband Paul Borchardt have been there for 40 years and are curently President and Vice President of Wonderland.  Their daughter, Rebecca Parker, is the park's Controller and represents the third generation of the family to own and operate Wonderland.

    Only one small coaster has left the park.  Lil' Dipper, a Herschell kiddie coaster, was one of just three rides at the park when it opened in 1951.  It was there for over a decade before it was removed.

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Mouse Trap Coaster
Mouse Trap panorama roller coaster station Mouse Trap Coaster - Wonderland First drop on the Mouse Trap coaster Mouse Trap by Pinfari Red and white steel coaster structure Mouse Trap Mouse Trap Mouse Trap Mouse Trap Mouse Trap Mouse Trap Miler Mouse Trap Mouse Trap roller coaster Mouse Trap in Texas Mouse Trap pictures Pictures of the Mouse Trap

Texas Tornado
Texas Tornado Texas Tornado pictures Pics of the Texas Tornado Texas Tornado roller coaster Texas Tornado photography Texas Tornado at Wonderland Wonderland Amusement Park - Texas Tornado Texas Tornado looping coaster O.D. Hopkins - Texas Tornado O. D. Hopkins coaster Texas Tornado Texas Tornado Texas Tornado Texas Tornado Strange vertical loop on the Texas Tornado Mechanical Engineering Coaster Loop and tunnel

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