Family Banana Coaster
The Minato Mirai skyscrapers, also called the Three Queens, are the three tall buildings on the right of this image.  The Cosmo Clock 21 wheel was originally located there and was part of the Yokohama Expo for several years.  When this area was developed with these large towers, the wheel and many of the Expo's rides were moved to Yokohama Cosmoworld.  The tall skyscraper on the left that extends off the top of the image is the Yokohama Landmark Tower.  This picture shows less than half of its 296.3-metre (972-foot) height.  It is the second tallest tower and the fourth tallest structure in Japan.  On the water to the left of the tower is the 310-foot Sail Training Ship Nippon Maru.  It is now permanently parked at the Yokohama Port Museum.

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