Iron Rattler

As of the end of 2015, five coasters have been built with I-Box track.  The first I-Box track was used in 2011 when the Texas Giant was remade into the New Texas Giant.   Two years later, I-Box was added as the Rattler became the Iron Rattler, the ride seen in these pictures.   Medusa at Six Flags Mexico was changed into the Medusa Steel Coaster in 2014.  In 2015, two wood coasters were changed into steel coasters thanks to I-Box track: Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain became Twisted Colossus (pictures in 2016), and Cyclone became Wicked Cyclone.

Rocky Mountain Construction will use more I-Box track, as they are expected to switch two more wood coasters into steel coasters in 2016: Twisted Twins, the dueling coaster at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom that originally was called Twisted Sisters, has been Standing But Not Operating since 2007, but it is planned to reopen in Kentucky Kingdom as one coaster called Storm Chaser.   Roar at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is becoming The Joker in 2016.  Both of these new rides will feature three inversions!

I have personally ridden three of the first five I-Box coasters built by Rocky Mountain Construction, and I loved all three of them.   I hope they do more rides like these in the future!

I-Box track on a roller coaster built by Rocky Mountain Construction. Amusement park photography by

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