Gemini was the first of two large coasters with a wood support structure and tubular-steel track.  Valleyfair's Excalibur was the second.  Most other coasters with a similar construction are small "mine train" coasters like the Cedar Creek Mine Ride.   Here are some other coasters steel coasters that have wood supports: Adveture Express, Bobsleds, Carolina Goldrusher, Daholega Mine Train, Mini Mine Train, River King Mine Train, Runaway Mine Train and Thunderation.  All of those coasters are relatively unchanged since their construction.   Since 2011, Rocky Mountain Construction has been converting wood coasters with wood structure into steel coasters by replacing the track, so a new type of hybrid coasters, such as Iron Rattler, New Texas Giant, Twisted Colossus, and Wicked Cyclone, has recently developed.

Coasters with wood track and steel supports, or with steel track and wood supports, are often referred to as having a hybrid structure, or are just called hybrid coasters.  Because its track is steel, Gemini is considered a steel coaster despite having a structure consisting primarily of wood.

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